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JPAmodel JTA-512M is Mixing PA Amplifier 120Wrms designed for up to 5 microphones plus 3 – Aux program sources ( RCA Jack ) inputs application. Each Microphone input and ( line-in ) Aux input has its own volume control. For the input MIC 4 & Aux 1 has a Selector Switch and MIC 5 & Aux 2 has a Selector Switch, also there is one Selector Switch for MIC 3 & TEL connection. Besides, there are 2 outputs ( RCA Jack ) for Aux and Tape and Aux 3 has its level control.

● Over load, over temperature, and speaker short protection.

● 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 70V, and 100V output

● AC and DC power in

● 2U height

19” rack or table mounted

Safety (IEC/EN 60065, CE/LVD) for this Amplifier has been certificated.

For your benefit, we would like to provide you more details and specifications upon receipt of your enquiry.